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Creggan Youth
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Creggan Youth Drop-In Centre

Based in the Creggan area of Derry, Creggan Youth Drop-In Centre provides a safe and welcoming space for young people in the community.

Community event at Creggan Youth Drop In Centre

Hands Up For Fun!

At Creggan Youth Drop-In Centre we hold many community events like this.

So why not get involved?

Sports Facilities

We offer an array of sporting activities including gymnastics, dancing, judo & kickboxing.

Opening Hours

9am to 10pm Monday to Sunday.

Join the Club

Membership age ranges from 5-25 years old.

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Creggan Youth Drop-In Centre

Fanad Drive, Creggan,
Derry, BT48 9QE.

P: +55 4839-4390
F: +55 4333-4345

Are you interested in joining? Or would you simply like to find out more about what we a do and what we are doing next? If so we would love to hear from you!

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